30080094425_b4748b55d9_oI do a little of everything. Being a mad hobbyist, I find many of my solutions to solve problems inevitability create  more. When my Macbook broke it’s screen last year, rather than pay the outrageous 400 dollars for a replacement display, I built my own computer. When I thought a music shop was charging too much for a guitar pedal, rather than save up money (or, god forbid, move on)  I took it upon myself to learn how to build guitar pedals for cents.

Following this insane logic, I suppose its natural that I gravitated to art. Art, after all, is the scenic route to expression (rather than just seeing a therapist).


Within art, I discovered the potential of inner peace through outer mayhem. And not just for me- the most important realization here was that through my efforts to inner peace, others could find it to.

My goal is simple: to reinvent the wheel until it’s squeak resonates with you.

If you’re curious in my journey for impactful art, take a look at my short documentary on a disabled refugee from the Central African Republic that lives right here in Clarkston, Georgia.

-William Fielding Wright